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Introducing the World's First Healthy Gano Coffee as Little as $10.95 Per Box!
This "Healthy" REAL gourmet coffee is packed with over 150 DIFFERENT antioxidants in every cup! Its secret ingredient is Reishi which helps create superb results because of its 200 active nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you like how caffeine feels, just wait until you feel Reishi.

Dr. Stuart R. Hoover has been in practice for over a decade, is nationally recognized in the field of natural health and recommends the World's First Healthy Coffee.
A Personal Letter from Dr. Hoover:
My History with The World's First Healthy Coffee

Four years ago I was introduced to a Healthy Coffee which was unique in itself! You see, for the past 12 years I have instructed my clients to completely avoid coffee!

I am constantly bombarded with new products and quite frankly, I tossed this product in my "I-will-get-to-it-later-drawer" with dozens of others. My first thought was, "Healthy Coffee, right! There is no such thing as Healthy Coffee." As a matter of fact, "healthy" and "coffee" should not even be in the same sentence!

Over the next few weeks I kept running across this sample, so I finally took a good look at it, and was surprised with what I saw.

I saw that this Healthy Coffee contained Reishi Mushroom, which I've known about for many years. I've used Reishi in several of the products I've developed in my clinic. Reishi is known for its ability to naturally help improve the body's pH. This was very important to me as improving pH is the foundation of my health program. The main reason I instruct my clients to avoid coffee is because it is very acidic! The average cup of coffee takes 17 cups of water to neutralize the acidity and 2 cups of water to offset the dehydration!

My next step, before I began recommending this Healthy Coffee to my clients, was to research the alkaline benefits of Reishi. Reishi contains a very high concentration of Alkaloids, which promote alkalinity in the body. These Alkaloids also reduce the front end acidity of the coffee. This helps to support healthy pH levels in the body. This was an essential factor, as again, pH is crucial to good health.

The next test was to try this "Healthy Coffee". There was no way this could taste good. It had to taste like mushrooms! Well, to my surprise, the taste was absolutely wonderful. I couldn't believe that this stuff was healthy!

I had a decision to make because I knew that this could solve a big problem for most of my clients. You see, even though I have recommended for years that my clients not drink coffee, they still did. I had come to realize that people just love coffee and are so addicted to it, that there was virtually no way they would give it up. Even at an expense to their health.

I knew we had a winner now and started focusing on how this product was working with my clients. In short, the results have been nothing short of miraculous! My clients reported improved energy, more stamina, improved sleep, and basically an over all feeling of well being!

I can say with confidence that Gano Brand Healthy Coffee, Tea and the Reishi capsules have become my leaders when recommending dietary supplements to my clients.

We are extremely happy with the results and my client's just love knowing that I allow them to drink coffee, Gano Brand Healthy Coffee, and they are improving their health with every delicious cup they drink!

Important Note: Not all Gano Healthy Coffee is the same, so beware! Our Gano Brand Coffees contain the highest amount of the finest quality Ganoderma "Reishi" of any product on the market. We list the "exact" amount of Reishi on all of our product facts boxes. Other companies only list Reishi as an ingredient and charge two to three times the amount for their coffee! You may very well be buying over priced "instant" coffee with little to no Ganoderma in it!


Dr. Stuart R. Hoover, NHD

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